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Recommended Parental Controls

Funtake users must be at least 18 years of age to use our site and is not to be used by users under 18 years of age for any reason whatsoever.

We have moderators that will ban users that are clearly below the age requirement of our website but with hundreds of thousands of daily users there is no way to shut down every single instance that happens.  It is ultimately the responsibility of parents to make sure their kids do not have access to these types of websites. Please use one of the parental control products below to block adult websites and help keep your kids safe.

Microsoft Windows
Built in Controls - Microsoft Windows Vista has built in parental controls that are free. To access these controls go to the Start menu and choose "Control Panel" then "User Accounts and Safety". Next click "Set up parental controls for any user". These instructions might change slightly with OS updates. Microsoft has a help site for this feature.

Other recommended applications:
Parental Control Bar
Cyber Patrol

Other recommended applications and articles:
Macworld "Kid-proof your Mac"